In essence we race Ritchey, we work on Ritchey and we ride for pleasure Ritchey. That been said it is always nice as a cyclist to have a sponsor but when it is your favorite manufacturer it comes pretty near to perfection.

Our aim is not to convince you. Our aim is that you convince yourself.
Why is it that we are so convinced?
And what is this whole idea of riding “still” on steel framed bikes?
In essence even after digging very deep in to the vast bike manufacturer world we haven`t seen many others who can have such a amazing balance between the quality and the price.

In our opinion these frames have following qualities which keeps us riding them year after year:

Pretty bold move to start with this one but let`s face it, it feels nice to have a good looking bike!
Secondly these bikes have a classic look. They will never look like last years edition, they represent the timeless diamond round tubing style with an understated touch.
If you take a proper care of your steel bike you basically can keep on riding it to the rest of your life and your children might one day discover your “old” masterpiece in the garage. Also if you crash these frames in most of the cases you still can repair them.
Riding feel
This is something a bit metaphysical to explain. The ride feeling of steel frame is something which makes you not want to stop. The best way to understand this is to book a test ride in our Ritchey Rides test center and get metaphysical…
Also you would be surprised how light modern steel is.
Depending the set up these bikes are between 7-8kgs!

As mentioned already above the price of Ritchey bikes with the high end quality you get is pretty much unbeatable.

If you are interested to read further about steel versus other frame materials please take a look at the following article from Bike Radar. It`s one of our favorite one ever published by them: